About Us


To connect everyone and everything


To provide the Filipino with world class connectivity solutions so they can lead happy and prosperous lives. Bambunet was founded on the belief that high speed broadband internet should be available to all people. We believe that peoples lives are greatly enriched when they can get connected, broadband provides a means to people and businesses to achieve their goals and dreams....


Core Values

  • Keep it Simple – We believe keeping things simple and not over engineering solutions is the key to IT. Simple solutions will be easier to use, easier to secure and cheaper to maintain.
  • Own IT – Our people OWN IT. This means they continue to ensure things are properly completed even if they may not be the one that can actually solve it
  • Honesty and Integrity – We believe in long term business relationships. This can only be achieved there is honesty and trust between us.
  • Secure and Reliable – All our products and services must meet our high security and reliability standards. We only choose and recommend reputable brands and vendors....