Connecting Private Island Resorts with Kacific’s High-speed Satellite Broadband

They usually call private island resorts paradise. And for a good reason. These resorts offer serenity, privacy, and the beauty of pristine nature. Be it a weekend getaway or to have an extended holiday, private island resorts appeal to all walks of life.

From the Philippines to French Polynesia, the Asia Pacific region typically has one of the best private island resorts speckled across the tropical spaces. And that is the holiday you dreamed about or the perfect honeymoon you yearned for. Whatever you choose to do, the great news is that with satellite broadband, these private island resorts can now continue to be connected to the internet, enabling you to do the same.

No matter how obscure the island is located, as long as there is a clear line of sight from the terminal to the skies, Kacific can easily connect your resort to high speed and reliable internet within weeks. That is because, unlike traditional telecom operators who may need high investment to install infrastructure at these terrestrial areas, Kacific bring speeds up to 100Mbps easily with accessible and small 1.2m VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

Kacific works extensively with your local service provider to bring connectivity to your resort. Visitors can easily connect with their family far away and business customers on their recreational trips can still have unlimited access to their emails and meetings while taking a good break.

Situated off the coast of Maconacon, facing the Philippine Sea to the east, a remote and isolated island resort manages to connect their guests with quality internet using satellite broadband technology, offering a flexible get away from the bustling cities.

The Dipudo Private Island Resort is not covered by traditional telecommunication providers, making communication nearly impossible for residents and guests.

“Our only solution was to install satellite internet. We first installed with a different company referred to us by a friend, however that company closed, and we needed a new internet supplier”, says Nicole Maguire who manages the Dipudo Private Island Resort.

“I had researched many companies, most of which the price was triple and up to ten times more expensive than Bambunet, powered by Kacific, so I decided to sign with them because they offered reasonable monthly rates.”

Nicole adds, “Bambunet managed to arrange a very quick delivery as our previous internet supplier only gave us two weeks’ notice that they were shutting down. In that time, I was emailed videos and documents outlining the installation process. We were asked to install an app which assisted us in the positioning of the satellite. The setup process we found to be easy and did not require a special technician on site, however we did have phone support whilst positioning the satellite.”

Kacific partners with Bambunet, our local internet service provider in the Philippines to bring high speed and reliable connectivity to private island resorts such as the Dipudo Private Island Resorts.

“Bambunet offers fast internet speeds where we can watch Youtube and Netflix without interruption. Facetime is also reliable. I have also been able to complete online courses with plenty of video content. Their service provides everything I need, I have no complaints and am very satisfied”, says Nicole.

With the internet service of Bambunet, the team at Dipudo Private Island Resort can now conduct their daily operations online, whilst providing a connected experience for both their guests and staff.

“A very easy company to work with, everything is quick and seamless, and I would certainly recommend to anyone who does not currently have quality internet,” Nicole concludes.

Bambunet’s unlimited data plans start from PHP 8,370 per month, delivering speeds up to 25Mbps. Visit to know more about the latest satellite broadband technology and nationwide offers to get your business or home connected.


Bambunet has connected Dipudo Private Island with our turnkey solution, Gigstarter. Gigstarter is designed to quickly connect even the most isolated locations. Coupled with light and easily transportable satellite dishes, Gigstarter is a great solution for anyone looking for a fully managed unlimited broadband service.

Bambunet’s broadband is powered by Kacific’s high-throughput Kacific1 satellite, and uses the latest Ka-band technology. Being a GEO satellite means less interruption in signals from trees, and Kacific1’s service does not have georestrictions, so private resorts located at more obscure locations can get online easily with high speed and reliable internet connectivity.

Find out more about Kacific’s Gigstarter here:

Kacific is a next-generation broadband satellite operator. We are committed to providing fast, high-quality, and affordable internet access to the Asia Pacific.