World Economic Magazine recognised Kacific at the 2022 Awards Presentation

Singapore, 27 January 2023 – World Economic Magazine has acknowledged Kacific for its outstanding performance in 2022, conferring three awards on the Singapore-based business. Kacific won Fastest Growing Internet for Enterprises/Homes and Best Network Solution for Telcos, while CEO Christian Patouraux was named Satellite Telecommunications CEO of the Year.

The World Economic Magazine Awards recognises companies for their accomplishments and unique selling propositions. They assess performance, risk management, sustainability, customer service, technology, and innovation.

Satellite Telecommunications CEO of the Year Singapore 2022

Christian Patouraux founded Kacific in 2013 to bring high-speed, low-cost connectivity to remote regions of Asia Pacific, fostering greater internet usage, fuelling economic growth and improvements in service delivery across covered regions. His vision for Kacific as a company that changes lives and strengthens communities in underserved regions is embodied in the company and underpins its continued success.

Fastest Growing Internet for Enterprises/Homes Singapore 2022 In December 2013, Kacific announced its intention to launch its first satellite, Kacific1, to provide high-speed internet and broadband services to more than 40 million people in the Asia Pacific region. Kacific has grown rapidly since its establishment, and today Kacific has over 8,000 sites in 25 markets, covering an area of 600 million people. Its adaptable business model allows users in these underserved markets to gain and maintain connections, which proved vital to households and enterprises in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kacific’s success has been achieved through innovative products like Gigstarter, Community WiFi, and its strategic investment in advanced technologies, which it deploys on proven platforms. Gigstarter offers tailored packages with plan-by-plan, site-by-site, connectivity, and payment options. With unlimited data and a fully managed service, Gigstarter has set a new global benchmark for satellite internet and effectively addresses the connectivity requirements of enterprise and residential customers. Community WiFi pools terminal usage for businesses, schools, and governments. Both initiatives mean that more people can access the internet in a way that suits them best. By using local Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Kacific Authorised Dealers (KADS) to set up VSAT terminals, establish a presence and maintain services, Kacific is able to serve remote and previously unconnected regions. Best Network Solution for Telcos Singapore 2022 Kacific was recognised for its contribution to telecommunications services, providing mobile backhaul and trunking solutions. These solutions allow telcos to extend their network’s reach and increase capacity without incurring the expense of investment in additional infrastructure. Developed to complement Kacific’s other networking services, such as FlexVNO, they bring rapidly deployable and flexible high-speed communications capabilities to even the most remote and isolated geographies.