From the desk of Christian Patouraux

February 11, 2023

2023 marks a year of continued focus for Kacific in delivering affordable and accessible broadband services to underserved regions of Asia Pacific. With millions of enterprises, government facilities and end-users in underserved regions of Asia Pacific, Kacific’s services have never been more needed. We are dedicated to providing improved broadband services to an ever larger number of people.

Even in connected areas, governments and commercial enterprises now recognize satellite technologies as an integral part of their infrastructure strategy. Governments know that having a backup to fibre is a matter of national security. Enterprises recognise that losing connectivity for a period of time equates to losing revenue. Most of all, they understand that having effective local support is critical to providing broadband services in extra-urban locations. Kacific delivers on these fronts – our service is affordable and accessible in countries with significant rural areas, making it the perfect solution for connectivity. We keep start-up costs low and offer a very high level of flexibility and responsiveness.

The pandemic was challenging for everyone, but it also made Kacific’s offering even more compelling. We adapted our product line and distribution model to better target our market, working closely with government agencies to deliver high quality and affordable connectivity to enterprises in underserved areas.

We have undertaken R&D to add new products and expand capabilities, so there is plenty to look forward to in 2023. There is only one internet, and to access it, users require consistent service with reliable speed, at an affordable cost, in an ever-increasingly digital world. Every enterprise, every government facility, every economic activity center needs to be able to access it, and our purpose is to help make that possible.

What’s coming in 2023

Streamlining installation with auto-pointing IP

Kacific has developed its own motorised auto-pointing solution that autonomously steers the satellite dish and peaks the satellite signal. It acquires the best signal, even in light rain or in heavy overcast skies, and locks onto it with a high degree of accuracy.

The average pointing and peaking time is less than 10 minutes, saving precious time for professionals to get users online faster. This quick, simple, and effortless process reduces installation costs and even allows end-users to handle self-installations. Best of all, the cost increment of our auto-pointing solution compared to a manually pointed system, is lower than an average cost of installation, making it a game changer for our customers, end-users, and within the satellite industry.
Kacific Enterprise Internet Backup includes a one-off satellite dish installation at each site, combined with a simple low fee per-month and per-site. With affordable, on-demand and hot backup packages, organisations can quickly ensure business continuity through internet outages and, avoid the cost of disruptions on their activities.
The Gigstarter App allows end users of Kacific’s Gigstarter plans to monitor data usage, keep up with changes in network settings, promotions, and types of plans. The app allows easy access to all other aspects of Kacific’s offerings. It’s a terrific way to make Kacific’s service fit your needs.
Crossbow is a management platform that allows ISPs to easily add terminals, change plans and deactivate or reactive services. This intuitive platform makes it easy for anyone to fully experience the flexibility synonymous with Kacific.
New Gigstarter Data Top-Up Packs further enhance the flexibility of Kacific’s product offering. They allow users to add extra data as needed to Gigstarter capped plans.
Joint partnerships with governments and businesses are our focus to support regional economic and social development. By facilitating connections between cities and rural areas, governments can better serve their citizens. With a satellite internet connection, local businesses can step outside of their comfort zone and expand their global footprint.