Capped Plans


Gbyte 30GB

Download Up To70Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱48,000

  • ₱4,333 /Month
  • 70Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • 30 GB Cap Data

Gbyte 100GB

Download Up To70Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱48,000

  • ₱12,778 /Month
  • 70Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • 100 GB Cap Data

Gbyte 200GB

Download Up To70Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱48,000

  • ₱23,333 /Month
  • 70Mbps Download
  • 5Mbps Upload
  • 200 GB Cap Data

Unlimited Plans

Due to Fair Use Policy Data Policy, these plans are not suitable for PISO Wi-Fi business


  • Installation Charges:₱10,000 Shipping Charges: Subject to place of delivery
  • Large movies and file downloads may be throttled during peak times
  • Unlimited data subject to fair usage policy
  • Tax included in package and terminal fees
  • All speeds are maximum burstable download and upload speeds
  • * Terminal includes a 1.2m antenna - 2510 modem -3w transceiver
  • * New software upgrade to increase upload speed from 5Mbps to 15Mbps or 20Mbps in 2021
  • ** Free installation for packages to connect 25 and 60 users, with minimum 6 months contract
  • *** Once you exceed the 1st priority data you will then 2nd priority data and may experience some reduced speeds during peak and busy times




Connect factories and manufacturing plants anywhere in the Philippines. Provide up to 100mbps download speeds and ensure factories and plants stay productive and connected. Quick installation with no expensive complex installations like laying down fiber cables.

Energy & Mining

Our Service works on land and sea. Connect remote solar installations, oil rigs, gas and other mining areas. Our service works anywhere and can provide your business connectivity at all times. Easy and quick installation and can be relocated anytime.

Hotels & Resorts

Provide more value to your guests with reliable high-speed internet no matter where your resort or hotel is located.

School & Education

Connect any school anywhere in the Philippines. Provide important internet learning aids and E-learning solutions.

Disaster Relief

Our Satellite dishes are easily transportable and can be activated in hours. They also consume small amounts of power so can be connected to small scale solar systems and generators.


Our service is perfect for one off events. We can setup faster than any other broadband technology and can be removed once no longer required.

Benefits For You

Work from Anywhere

Our Satellite service covers all of the Philippines no matter where you may be. Have video calls for work, work with cloud applications and perform your work from anywhere.

Super Fast Satellite Speeds

We have the fastest Satellite Internet available in the Philippines. This newly launched satellite is capable of speeds of up to 100mbps.


Bambunet is not reliant on old legacy copper in the ground, unlike Dial-up or ADSL services which can negatively impact speeds. Once the service is installed, you have reliable, fast internet at your home or business.

Unlimited Plans

Unlike our competitors you don’t have to worry about exceeding your data cap and receiving surprise bills. Have peace of mind and predictability on what your bill is each month. No Lock-In contracts.


Bambunet is a new generation Satellite service that is not only the fastest and reliable, its also the most affordable. You no longer have to pay absorbent monthly fees just to get a broadband service you deserve.

Why Should You Sign Up With Bambunet?

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data Plans

Lock In

No Lock in Periods


10 x faster than DSL

Fast Install

Fast Installation



Coverage Everywhere in Philippines

  • Alby
    We needed a solution to host an event for 500 people on a remote island. Time was of the essence and we only needed an internet connection for a few days. BambuNet was able to deploy a high speed Satellite and Wireless service and when  we were finished we could easily remove it.
    Events Company
  • Sander
    Our mining operation did not have connectivity and quotes from other telcos were excessive as they had to lay expensive cabling. BambuNet was able to install a high speed Satellite service at a fraction of the cost. We can now access corporate systems, files and email and also get real-time information from our site. 
  • Claire
    BambuNet was able to install my service at my hotel in just a few days. I now can provide high speed Internet to my guests and staff. I couldn’t be happier with the speeds and service. 
    Resort Owner