Kacific Unlimited Broadband Satellite Internet Plans.

Bambunet Medium Business

* Med Business

Download Up To60Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱52,000

  • ₱36,750 /Month
  • 60Mbps Download
  • 20Mbps Upload
  • 10 Concurrent Users
  • *** Priority One Data =295 GB
  • Plus installation charges
Bambunet Large Business

* Large Business

Download Up To70Mbps

Terminal Fee Available Upon Request

  • ₱86,250 /Month
  • 70Mbps Download
  • 20Mbps Upload
  • 25 Concurrent Users
  • *** Priority One Data =735 GB
  • Prices are VAT inclusive
Bambunet Enterprise

** Enterprise

Download Up To100Mbps

Terminal Fee Available Upon Request

  • ₱170,625 /Month
  • 100Mbps Download
  • 20Mbps Upload
  • 60 Concurrent Users
  • *** Priority One Data =1425 GB
  • Prices are VAT inclusive
Due to Fair Use Policy Data Policy, these plans are not suitable for PISO Wi-Fi business

Kacific Capped Broadband Satellite Internet Plans

Bambunet 30gb

Gbyte 30GB

Download Up To50Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱34,000

  • ₱4,333 /Month
  • 50Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • 30 GB Cap Data
Bambunet 100gb

Gbyte 100GB

Download Up To50Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱34,000

  • ₱12,778 /Month
  • 50Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • 100 GB Cap Data
Bambunet 200gb

Gbyte 200GB

Download Up To50Mbps

Plus One Time Terminal Fee ₱34,000

  • ₱23,333 /Month
  • 50Mbps Download
  • 10Mbps Upload
  • 200 GB Cap Data
Bambunet Satellite Internet In The Philippines


    General Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices listed are exclusive of Php 10,000 installation fee for labor, per site. Additional charges may apply depending on your site location.
  • Terminal installation and transportation cost is excluded and subject to delivery to a specific area.
  • The terminal fee includes a 1.2m antenna, a 2010 or 2510 modem and a 2W or 3W transceiver depending on the type of terminal ordered
  • All published rates are VAT/GST inclusive. Rates may change with prior notice due to changes in exchange rate.
  • Large file downloads and other activities may be throttled during peak/ busy times.
  • Unlimited Plans Special Terms:

  • All plans under unlimited category are subject to Kacific's Fair Usage Policy.Your service will continue at lower speeds even after you have used up your priority data allowance.
  • Plans with over 70Mbps in download speeds will require a 3310 modem.
  • No lock-in period except for Large and Enterprise Plans.
  • Capped Plans Special Terms:

  • Published rates are paid upfront for capped plans. Unused data will be forfeited at the end of the month.
  • Subscribers will pay PHP 165 per Gigabyte for all excess data consumed (above the capped plan) in the next billing cycle


Industries Using Kacific Satellite Internet


Connect factories and manufacturing plants. Provide up to 100mbps download speeds and ensure factories and plants stay productive and connected. Quick installation with no expensive complex installations like laying down fiber cables.

Energy & Mining

Our Service works on land and sea. Connect remote solar installations, oil rigs, gas and other mining areas. Our service is outstanding and can provide your business connectivity at all times. Easy and quick installation.

Hotels & Resorts

Provide more value to your guests with reliable high-speed internet.


Our service is perfect for one off events. We can setup faster than any other broadband technology and can be removed once no longer required.

Benefits Of Kacific Satellite Internet

High Productivity

Have video calls for work, work with cloud applications and perform your work with ease and high productivity.

Super Fast Satellite Speeds

We have the fastest Broadband Satellite Internet. This newly launched satellite is capable of speeds of up to 100mbps.


Satellite is not reliant on old legacy copper in the ground, unlike Dial-up or ADSL services which can negatively impact speeds. Once the service is installed, you have reliable, fast broadband satellite internet at your home or business.

Unlimited Plans

Unlike our competitors you don’t have to worry about exceeding your data cap and receiving surprise bills. Have peace of mind and predictability on what your bill is each month. No Lock-In contracts.


Kacific is a new generation Broadband Satellite Internet that provide not only the fastest and reliable, its also the most affordable.

Bambunet is an authorized agent and installer for PIPOL Broadband. PIPOL is a grantee of a nationwide legislative franchise for telecommunications via Republic Act No. 10822 and likewise a Provisional Authority to install, operate and maintain a Nationwide Data Transmission Network Service.