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  • Since switching to fixed wireless, I've been blown away by the speed and reliability of my internet connection. Not only was the installation process quick and easy, but I've experienced virtually no downtime or lag since making the switch. As someone who works from home and relies on a stable internet connection, fixed wireless has been a game-changer for me. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, dependable, and cost-effective internet solution.
  • Upon availing Kacific VSAT through Bambunet, our lives improved so much. No need to climb up the mountain and no more worrying about getting caught in the rain because we can now enjoy staying at home while having a connection
    Teacher - Burias Island Elementary School
  • A very easy company to work with, everything is quick and seamless. I had researched many companies, most of which the price was triple and up to ten times more expensive than Bambunet, powered by Kacific, so I decided to sign with them because they offered reasonable monthly rates
    Nicole Maguire - Manager of Dipudo Private Island Resort
  • Bambunet is very responsive as an ISP. Thanks to their satellite’s wide coverage across the Philippines and all the islands, mining sites like CPC can now rely on a reliable connection.
    Claire Pascual - Operations Head of Century Peak Corporation

Benefits Of Using Kacific Satellite Internet

High Productivity

Have video calls for work, work with cloud applications and perform your work with ease and high productivity.

Fast Deployment & Installation

With over 50 Accredited Distributors nationwide, VSAT can easily be dispatched and installed anywhere in the country. Easy disassembly and can be transferred from one location to another.


Bambunet is not reliant on old legacy copper in the ground, unlike Dial-up or ADSL services which can negatively impact speeds. Once the service is installed, you have reliable broadband satellite internet at your home or business which is best for remote working and schooling and staying connected to friends, entertainment, and news.

Unlimited Plans

No need to worry about exceeding your data cap and receiving surprise bills. Have peace of mind and predictability on what your bill is each month.


Bambunet is a new generation Broadband Satellite Internet that provide not only the fastest and reliable, its also the most affordable.

No Lock-In Period

No lock-in contracts. Plans can be changed to suit your requirement per month*

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