1How to know if location is serviceable?
Our service is available nationwide including remote and underserved areas without cellular signal yet. There is no dead spot if clear line of sight is secured.
2How long is the contract period?
There is no lock-in period except for Large and Enterprise plan
3Can I switch plan later?
Yes. Since there is no lock-in period for most of the plans, you may upgrade your plan depending on your requirement.
4Do I have to purchase a new set of equipment if I upgrade my plan?
Not necessarily. In most cases no but will depend on the upgrade requirement.
5Unlimited plans are really unlimited?
Yes subject to Fair Usage Policy
6Can we still use this if we change location?
Yes. The terminal can be transferred from one place to another
7What about the monthly payment?
All services are prepaid. Billing will be sent every 15th of the month for your service the following month.
8What payment methods do you accept?
Bank transfers, Cash Deposits, E-payment (Gcash), Credit Cards via paymongo.
9Technical Questions?
Please contact us for specific tech queries.
10Do you have any other question/ clarification?
You may call or drop us an email and we’ll gladly assist as soon as we can.